The Singer

I have been practicing my singing for 18 years. I started from scratch – one octave or so, little natural resonance. Today I can sing anything I want, from lullabies to Wagner, without straining the voice. I can show you how to do it.


Ania Samborska studied with with:

  • Krystyna Wysocka-Kochan, soloist at Teatr Wielki National Opera, Warsaw, Poland
  • Heidi Moss, soprano, San Francisco year
  • Eugene Brancoveanu, San Francisco (current voice teacher)

Attended classes and workshops with:

Pam Fry, Wendy Hillhouse,  David Barell (UK), Olga Szwajgier (Poland)

Worked with pianists and coaches:

David Manley, Anne Frances Hopkins, Justyna Mielnik-Matityahu, Michael Schuler, Aldona Krasucka

MA in Theatre Studies from Warsaw Theatre Academy.  Studied acting at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow, UK. Took courses in Alexander Technique.

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