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3 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Anya’s voice is amazing! In December 2013, Anya performed at Melody Café and blew the audience away with her amazing voice. We are very blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy such beautiful and grace. 5-Star opera singer! Love to host more performances for Anya when she has time for us.


  2. Well, I was there for a meal, but WOW, was I in for a very special treat — I was introduced to Ania, and her beautiful voice! I would encourage anyone who EVER gets the opportunity to hear Ania sing her renditions of Wagner, Pucchini, etc. to GO; LISTEN! She has such an engaging and evocative presence, and her arias are at once like new leaves shimmering on a Sunday morning, and then like thunder, rolling across a wind-swept plain. Thank You, Ania — what a great evening; you rock!…


  3. Lynne and I have been following Ania’s career for a long time, Recently we heard he perform Brunhilde’s signature aria from Die Walkure. This was an eye-opener for us. In addition to the coloratura music we knew she could sing so well, her Wagner was great. What a great addition to her repertoire


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