Bad voice day and Viorica Ursuleac


Had a bad voice day when I needed to produce a recording of just a few bars for an animation. Urrgh… Must have driven the neighbors crazy. But it does happen that things don’t start working well until hours of warm-up, especially if you do something new.  In the meantime you start wondering if it is the beginning of the end… Because the trained voice should always be there, right?  In those moments I think about Viorica Ursuelac.

She  was Richard Strauss favorite soprano, and did heavy duty repertoire like Wagner. She had an easy top and good acting skills. But apparently this was not a voice of natural beauty or ease and it took her hours before a performance to get it right. But she did it right and made a living from it.

Have to ask my teacher how to pronounce her name. At our last lesson I had a “good voice day” although we started at 9 am. Go figure..