Khoomii – Mongolian Troat Singing

I’m taking a musical journey to Mongolia, prompted by Dolora Zajick’s mention of overtone singing in conversation with Terry Gross; with demonstration at 32.30 minutes into the interview.

Apparently in today’s world the shortcut to Wagnerian resonance goes via Mongolian folk song. And an amazing style this is! I found women singing in basso profono range and men with extremely high whistle:

The sound is almost electronic, or insect-like. Apparently this helps to “isolate resonances”. I can hear  some brass-like nasality, which in the method I use plays quite an important part. Would love to observe a class one day.

Several friends and family members traveled to Mongolia and brought interesting stories, mostly of great natural medicine (Tibetan) and politics free of corruption. And now the music! Something  profound about these people making these noises out in the wild.