Tripping on gowns from Operafashion!

One of the most delightful aspects of opera is the costume. You can sing in jeans and sneakers, especially since many contemporary productions use modern settings, but when it comes to recital, the audience demands glamor. I noticed that my 8-yard-long gown often creates as much excitement as the singing!


And so it should! A gown makes the performance feel like a wedding day. I really love the designer dresses worn by the stars but if you have even basic sewing skills you can create amazing outfits yourself. The key is lots and lots of fabric and safety pins to drape it.

My dream is to one day sing in a dress inspired by this painting:


Peacock/Stained Glass by Kazimierz Stabrowski

When I saw at the National Museum in Warsaw it sent shivers down my spine. It is a very large picture and when you come approach it it seems the lady is looking right through you, inviting you into her fairytale reality.

It immediately came to my mind today when I saw this:


More costume photos from my favorite blog Operafashion:

Thanks Operafashion!



Source: A unique “Traviata”signed by Valentino Haute Couture in Valencia