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For a long time I wasn’t sure whether I was a writer who likes to sing or a singer, who also writes. I have been doing both for a long time and to be true singing was just one of my  writing projects that got out of hand. Basically, instead of writing a story about opera singers, I went about creating my own operatic voice.

I immersed myself in my music education, only occasionally devoting some time for creative writing. I could not write about singing because I kept discovering new things. But there was one project I kept at for quite a while. It is getting published on Kindle this week and the paperback version will soon follow.

It is not a book about music, although it features some singing characters. It was inspired by a friend telling me of a woman who lost her job, her health and her workers comp. I was disturbed by that story because I did not see what could become of her. So I created a possible follow up.

I kept going, I stopped, I picked up after long breaks. I procrastinated. I sang. I did some journalism, to see if I still had enough writing skill to get published in paper press. I did. I waited to feel more accomplished with my voice. When people started crying at my shows I ran out of excuses. I had to finish my book!

So I did.

It came almost as a shock. The difference between writing and having written a novel is fundamental. I felt at a loss. I had no more pages to fill, no more solitary sessions in a coffee shop to plan. I had to stop writing and start marketing. I was not ready for such a change.

So I procrastinated some more by making two versions of the book – in Polish and in English. Translating is a million, gazillion times easier than writing. Since English is my second language I invested in a professional editor. It was a wonderful experience. One of the things I learned was that in todays publishing one does not need a permission to become a writer. You just do it, put it out into the world and worry about agents and deals later.

I never planned to release the book in the US (actually, worldwide) a week after the final edit, but this is 21st century – things go fast!

So here it is, for all to love, hate or ignore, free on Kindle Unlimited for the next three months!

Hela: A Novel of Science, Faith, Love and Poland


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