Anna Russell operatic comedienne

I went to Scrap – a kind of organized junk yard for artists – and found a treasure. Anna Russell’s LP from 1951! Played fine on our turntable. It was so special playing vinyl – almost like having a living thing in the house.  In her hoity-toity voice Russell gives “advice for song selections for concert singers” and she is pretty much spot on. If you don’t have pitch, sing contemporary music, no one will notice! If you have bottom and top, but no middle, go for operetta. If can’t sing high notes go for lieder. If things still don’t work out choose “the clear white or Nymphs and Shepherds” style (British). Superb parody of a beginner’s voice down to the little nervous trembling.

Bottom line – anyone can sing a concert!

In another piece, not on my record, she gives advice on an actual operatic career. Sounds so true you wonder why people are laughing:

The pieces she performed in the show she composed herself. A truly talented and creative lady!


4 thoughts on “Anna Russell operatic comedienne

      • Other favorites of mine were Jo Stafford and her husband, who recorded four “LPs” as Jonathan and Darlene Edwards. Hysterical. She would sing a little off key, and he would play a few wrong notes. But if you put it on at a party, it took quite a while for people to realize that something was VERY wrong. They won a Grammy for ” Sing Along with Jonathan and Darlene,
        which featured the Mitch Miller singers, who sang absolutely straight through the whole record. It was beyond wonderful. Sometimes they would skip a beat, and other times, they would add one. 😉


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