Sunday: Coleridge Neighbors Planning Informal Community Concert

Yay! Bernalwood announced our Concert!



Neighbor Ania was recently seen posting handbills about an ad hoc concert planned for this Sunday afternoon at the glamorous Coleridge Minipark. It sounded like a charming idea, so Bernalwood asked her to share the details. Neighbor Ania writes:

After the mugging on our street some neighbors started talking about making something good happen, for a change.

I spoke about a musical event with Sasha, who often plays the accordion on his doorstep, across the street from us. Two neighbors stopped by and were enthusiastic, so I posted on and heard from Dave Klaus who plays the guitar. The three of us met a few weeks ago over a beer, set the date for May 18th 12-3 at the Coleridge Minipark and decided that it should be informal, acoustic and in a talent show format.

There is also going to be singalong. We are printing out lyrics – Imagine was mentioned – and I can lead…

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